Thursday, May 20, 2010


I really want to apologize for not posting lately.  I will get back in the swing of things.  really quick.
I am still unpacking and Believe it or not I have not unpacked my scrappin supplies yet.   Isnt that terrible?

I am still trying to get used to the little extra drive to work Its really hard to get yourself to leave at the right time Cause driving a school bus you are a schedule.  And you cant be early.  You can be late a few minuts but not early. I will get there probably bout the time school is out which is June 9th.

in the Mean time hop on over to Aifactory challenge Blog.   Great stuff.


2amscrapper said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

I have to move soon and I know how you feel. Hope it is all smoothed out now. :)